LG g pad won’t turn on

LG g pad won’t turn on. In the pad industry, lg has different identification because of its attributes and also due to its astonishing features. To my knowledge, many people face a common problem of turning it on.

It happens anytime and anywhere, but it does not mean that solving it or getting info about it is very strenuous. I want to tell you that it happens when the screen becomes mutilated, cracked, etc.

Not only is having info enough but having the best-ever solution is also a prerequisite. Because if you dont know about the troubleshooting and more causes, then it will make you very fret, so you must get the info.

LG g pad won’t turn on

If you are fronting this for the first time and not getting the solution yet, then dont be more frustrated because, in this article, I will tell you the entire explanation about this trouble and the tremendous results techniques.

You need not make more effort to solve this critical trouble. You need to adjust the switch button; by trying the new battery, once by force start, or by examining the condition of the display screen.

Examine the switch button

examine the switch button

First, connect the charger with the lg pad in the switch-off mode and then check the battery level to see if it displays the battery fully.

Then, you have to disconnect the charger and depress long the switch button.

If, after 20 seconds, it does not start any action, then it means the switch button of the lg g pad is cracked. You will need to replace it.

Check the water drops

If the lg g pad stop is turning on properly, then you need to examine the water drops on the pad. The water drop is very dangerous for the internal board and can cause more critical defects in the pad.

So first, after checking if it has water drops, then dry this by yourself with some troubleshoots, but if it is not possible to dry the internal panel on the spot, then you need to contact a technician or technical support customer service.

Fragmented screen

If your lg g pad drops from your hand on a hard surface or the floor, then the display screen may be broken. So in this situation, first, you have to inspect whether the display is fragmented or not.

If it is damaged, then my advice is to go to the official store and purchase a new screen because it is not possible to repair the fragmented screen or the scratches. So you should replace the screen with a contemporary one.

Scrutinize the charger

If the intensity of the battery will low, then this type of problem occurs. So now you should scrutinize whether the charger is working well or not.

So to check, connect the charger and leave the lg g pad in this position for a few minutes and then examine the intensity. If it does not become increase, then you should swap it with a brand-new one.

Defective port

defective port

The charger is in good working condition, but you do not determine the cause behind it. Then you should analyze the charging port of the lg g pad.

If it is full of dirt, then clean it, and if the charging cable does not tighten on it, then it may have defects in the charging port, so replace the port.

Strive the force start

At this state, strive a force start it will solve the issue. For this, make sure that the remaining battery level is around 15 percent because if it is finished completely, then you will not be able to strive for a force start, so you will need to try other troubleshooting. For the force start of your lg g pad…

At once, hold down the power and the up-volume key until you feel the vibration. After vibration, the list will emerge on display.

The display will consist of more options, but by pressing the up key, (Sometimes the down key does not perform any action at this stage), you have to select the reboot option, and then it will reboot, and then it usually works like before.


LG g pad won’t turn on. If you are not familiar with troubleshoots. Then I advise that you should be familiar with it. Because not only the lg g pad but most of the other pads make this problem at any spot.

So it is effortless. You can resolve this problem by different methods, which are mentioned in the upper section of this article.

All solutions are authentic, and you can easily find the best solution according to the situation at that spot. So you should follow all the info completely.

If you like it, then share it with those who are in this trouble. So I expect that after reading this in the right way, you will become able to solve it.

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