Jam classic speaker won’t charge

Jam classic speaker won’t charge. Jam classic is an incredible electric speaker that works terrific. But most of the time, it discontinues charging, so the performance stops, and the user feels very bad now. But the user solves it immediately.

In the back of this there are many causes, but at the top of the list are which jam speakers stop charging because of evacuating battery, may the defect in the hardware or software, due to broken joint, etc.

If you think it is not very simple to solve these problems, stop thinking about this and only focus on the given procedures I am sharing with you. After deep research, all solutions are here.

Jam classic speaker won’t charge

You can easily be free from these difficulties by replacing a battery, fixing the software/hardware, adjusting the joints, trying a new charging port, using a new cable, replacing the circuit board, and more.

If you wish for a permanent solution to solve it correctly, you can do this if you follow all the procedures instantly and apply all these points at the right and accurate time. So now follow the lower section.

Look over at the electric board

look over at the electric board

The major cause behind the classic jam speaker charging issue is the defective electric board.

For most, It happens when the electric board of your house becomes worst and can not provide the electric current for the charging, so because of this, the jam does not charge and also does not deliver sound to the listeners.

So now you have to look over at the electric board, and if you find any breakage or any kind of defect, then you need to replace it or try to charge your jam classic speaker which another electric board at your place.

Try the new port

Because of many reasons, if the grime particles go into the charging port of the classic jam speaker, then it stops the flow of the ion, and that’s why the jam speaker cant charge.

So now you should examine the charging port’s condition and sort out it for instant charging. Firstly, examine the charging port deeply. If you see any type of grime particles, then you have to clean it out.

If, while cleaning, the charging port pins become rearranged, then it is not a good intention to make them straight, so now you have to try a new charging port.

Join the damaged joint

If the electricity board or the port is working as usual, then now it may be a defect or crack in the USB port joint. So for this, you should join it by using the soldering.

Now open the jam classic speakers body and inspect the USB port’s breaking joint; I advise using the magnifying glass because if you touch the wrong joint, it makes a new mess for you, so using a perfect and clean magnifying is best.

Now it is time to fix the indefinite solution. So after examining the joint carefully by good working soldering and solid, the joint is very strong. After this, cover the body again and now connect it to the charger, and it starts charging.

Charge by computer

If you analyze that the problem is in the electric board, then you can charge it from the personal computer, so now you have to detach the charging cable from the electric board and then attach the wire to the USB port of the personal computer and then turn the computer on after starting it start charging, and you can easily charge the classic jam speaker at the top level.

Evacuate the battery

evacuate the battery

It happens mostly when the battery of the classic jam speaker is at on partial stage; then, it can not charge anymore.

Then it needs the fully evacuated battery, so now you have to utilize it fully or until the battery becomes finished totally. Then affix the charger, and it works definitely, and then you can not face this kind of trouble again.

Endeavor a new Micro USB cable

Mostly the micro USB cables are not of the best quality and become worst after long use or due to the up or down of the electric current flow, so because of this, the jam speaker stops charging and makes it more difficult for the user to enjoy its favorite music and other audio stuff.

So at this spot, firstly, you have to look over the state of the cable.

If you see it is bad due to the bend, then you have to buy a new micro USB cable from the market now; if you want long-life music enjoyment, then obtain an original and premier quality micro USB cable.


After reading the upper section of this article, you understand most of the causes that make this trouble so, and I hope greatly that after reading the procedure, you become more able to store the power in your jam classic speaker whenever the jam classic speaker stops charging.

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