iPhone won’t show up on pc

iPhone won’t show up on pc. Most iPhone users attach their iPhones to their PC to perform different tasks, and it connects successfully. But some users face the problem that their iPhones can not connect to their personal computers.

It is an elementary problem that only seems big but is not. So you can solve it immediately at any moment. So if you want to troubleshoot this problem for lastingly, then follow the instructions below.

It occurs when you do not use the latest version, do not unlock the iPhone, do not restart the iPhone or your computer when you attach an extra appendage, and many more.

iPhone won’t show up on pc

You can quickly solve this by restarting the iPhone, unlocking the home screen, using the latest version of the software, disconnecting the other appendage, and restarting your computer.

If you have become tired of seeing this trouble again and again now, then more frustration will be ended soon after if you read this article with total concentration. So let’s read the steps written below.

Once restart the iPhone

once restart the iphone

If your iPhone does not connect to the computer, then it means it is a temporary problem, so you can get rid of it after only one restart.

So now restart the iPhone by holding the power button long and then tapping on the restart button. After restarting again, connect the iPhone to the personal computer.

Start it with prompt

When most iPhones become old, and the firmware version becomes low or old, then it makes it difficult to connect it to the PC.

But you do not need to be sad. Because I tell you the step, and after following them, you can connect the PC. So now you must examine the iPhone properly, whether locked or unlocked.

If you see that it is locked, then you should unlock it and then attach it to the PC, and then you can see the prompt, so after this, the latest firmware will start automatically, and then you can connect it from the personal computer.

By restarting the personal computer

Most of the time, it is not so compulsory to restart the iPhone only. Because sometimes the temporary defect is in the personal computer too.

It can also be rid of with a simple restart, so you should restart the personal computer and then try to connect the iPhone. It will work, and now you can start the task.

By device manager

If you want to reconnect it instantly, go to the computer screen, click on the start menu, choose the option named ‘ device and printer,’ and then a column appears in front of you.

Now you have to find the apple iPhone option and then start the troubleshooting by clicking on it right.

If it shows you that it is disabled, then you will need to enable it. After this step iPhone will connect with the computer easily.

Another procedure by the device manager

There is another method by which you can connect the iPhone to a personal computer. Firstly, Turn on the personal computer and go to the start button.

Then you have to select the device manager and then search for the portable device option and then click right on it, and then you can see the option named ‘apple iPhone’ so now click on it, and after this, you can have to click on the option named ‘update driver software.

After this, the driver will install automatically and then connect simply.

Detach the appendage

Whenever you want to attach the iPhone, you have to remove all the extra accessories before attaching the phone.

Most of the time, when you connect the iPhone and do not remove more accessories, and then the extra accessories recognition of the iPhone becomes very difficult for the computer.

That’s why the iPhone can not connect to the computer. So you must remove all the appendages from the computer before attaching the iPhone.

Check the connecting cable

check the connecting cable

If your iPhone is not connected to the pc, then it also may cause by the worst condition of connecting cable, so you have to examine it.

If you see it also not charging and connecting with your iPhone, then you have to purchase the new one and then connect it. After replacing. It works perfectly.


iPhone won’t show up on PC. If you want to connect the iPhone, but it is not connecting to the personal computer, then you should know the reasons and solutions; otherwise, you can not succeed in your task.

This article has very authentic information that helps you in this situation and gives you an unexpected and tremendous outcome.

So I hope you like it well and if you like it then share it with your friend and family circle. Thank you.

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