iPhone only works on speaker

iPhone only works on speaker. A loudspeaker gives you many benefits. But during the call, it can ruin private talk. So, many people dont use the loudspeaker while calling.

But sometimes, if the normal speaker of the iPhone stops working, it is compulsory to use the loudspeaker function to listen to your calls, so it makes the worst impact on the user.

So you should solve this problem fastly. But you cannot do it if you do not have much info. Then reading this article can help you in this situation.

iPhone only works on speaker

At the back of it, there are many causes like ring volume down, defective sound settings, the connection of the added accessories, faulty software or hardware, and also many more.

So let’s start reading and get the solution very simply. And also get rid of tension in a very short passage of time.

iPhone is in silent mode

iphone is in silent modes

Ocassionly, you set the phone on silent but do not deactivate the silent mode after the task.

So when the calls come, you can not listen to the voice with a normal speaker, and you use the loudspeaker, and then you become tense.

The reason only is the phone is on silent mode, so always remember to remove the silent mode whenever you become free from your conference and special meeting.

Set the volume up to level

Most times, when the call volume of the iPhone is set at a low level, you need to turn on the loudspeaker option while calling, which is very embarrassing. So I have a simple solution.

First, you have to open the menu of the iPhone and then depress the setting icon.

After this, you can see the option named sound and haptic setting in the list, select it, and tap on the call volume button. Now you can see the level bar of the volume.

It is sure it will settle on a low level so increase it. After this, you can use a normal speaker while calling and make your talk secret.

  • Second method

One more best and simplest method is written here. While calling, if you listen to the voice of the caller less, then you can adjust it without going to the setting menu.

There are two buttons on the iPhone’s side: the first is volume up, and the second is volume down.

Now you will just need to depress the volume up button while calling, the level become increases, and now you will listen to the call clearly and without using the loudspeaker.

Deactivate the paired device/Bluetooth

This difficulty occurs when the iPhone is connected to another device by Bluetooth.

Because when the caller calls you, then the voice of the caller is transferred to the paired device, so you can not listen to the voice with a normal speaker, so now you have to remove the paired device immediately.

For unpairing, you just need to select the setting in the menu of the iPhone and then select the Bluetooth button from the list, and then you can see the paired device section.

Next, select the paired device and unpaired it. You can also turn off Bluetooth. For this, you just have to turn off the Bluetooth button.

After applying any one of both methods, you can listen to the voice of the caller from the normal speakers.

Examine the airplay

You must examine the airplay if your iPhone is connected to an external speaker without your permission. If it is connected to an external speaker, then you have to connect it to the normal speaker of the iPhone.

To remove the device, firstly, you have to select the control center, and then you can see the airplay button in the upper right corner on the list of music playback control.

Now you just have to select the iPhone button if it will connect to an external speaker. Then it will automatically attach to the normal speaker.

After this, all calls will be converted automatically on the normal speaker, and then you can listen to the call privately.

Once restart the phone

once restart the phone

Sometimes all settings are good, but the normal speaker is not working accurately. Behind this, the defect should be in the software or a little disturbance in the software.

If you want to fix it, you just need to restart your iPhone once.

After restarting, the software becomes fixed automatically, and now you can listen to the voice from the normal speakers.

iPhone trapped in headphone mode

At the same time, the iPhone can only provide the output to one device. If the iPhone is trapped in headphone mode, then you can not listen to calls through the normal speaker. Now you should untapped the headphone mode.

For this, take a hands-free and put the pin of the head free in the headphone jack, and then quickly take it out. The mode will be changed if the iPhone is trapped in headphone mode.


iPhone only works on speaker. Without a normal speaker or when the speaker is faulty, you can not listen to the voice from it, so now you should apply the given procedures. It will help you most while connecting your iPhone to the normal speaker instantly.

So read it and if you like this, share it with those who are facing this problem time by time. I hope they also find a solution.

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