iPhone 7 speaker greyed out

iPhone 7 speaker greyed out. iPhone 7 and 7 plus has incredible sound, and you can listen to the voice clearly and distraction-free during the call. Happening the speaker greyed out is not so common, but some people face it.

It happens when your iPhone is on silent, ‘do not disturb mode, pairing with another device, if the sound volume level is low or mute, in headphone mode, and many more.

This can happen anywhere: in a train, park, home, office, etc., so if you have the solution, you can solve it anywhere. If you don’t have one, then read this article.

iPhone 7 speaker greyed out

You can solve it without any hard effort. It can be solved by resetting the phone, unpairing extra devices, increasing sound volume, interchanging the headphone, using silent and do not disturb modes, and many more.

For quick troubleshooting, read the below segment properly and also with full focus. After this, you can solve this difficulty anywhere and make calls without disturbance.

Interchange the headphone mode

interchange the headphone mode

Sometimes you attach the headphone for calls, so the iPhone converts into headphone mode automatically, and then you listen and talk from it.

But sometimes, you remove the headphones, but the mode is not changed.

So first, you have to check it by depressing the up or down volume button. If you see a headphone mode symbol on the screen, then it means it is still in headphone mode.

So, changing it is very simple. Just take a headphone again and plug it into the port and then remove it suddenly, the mode becomes changes, and the speaker mode will be active.

By unpairing the extra device

iPhone 7 speaker become stops providing the sound when you pair earbuds or another device with your phone by using Bluetooth and forget to unpair it. So you need to unpair the other device from it. For this, follow the given below procedure.

First, go to the setting option, and a list will emerge.

Now see the Bluetooth option and tap on it, then see the device name and tap on the ‘i’ button which is appearing in front of this and then select on ‘Forget the device’ button next, the device will disconnect from it, and you will able to listen to all calls.

Disable the silent mode

Usually, you change the mode to silent when you go to a meeting or to a conference and when you come out and play sound or make calls, you can not listen.

So, now you have to interchange the silent mode.

In all iPhone models and also in iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, you can make your phone end the silent mode by just sliding the button on the left top side of the body.

So when you see this issue, then change the mode by using this button. Your problem will sort out.

Transfigure the ”do not disturb mode”

When your iPhone is on ‘do not disturb mode,’ it mutes all the calls and all sounds activity. So when the caller makes a call to you, you can not listen to it, so now it’s time to transfigure it.

For this, Slide your finger on the screen from top to down, then you will see a list, then look at ‘do not disturb mode.

It will show ON, so turn it OFF by simply tapping on it. The mode will change now the speaker starts working normally.

Configure it to call audio routing

configure it to call audio routing

If all the settings are great, but the speaker of the iPhone 7 is still greyed out, then you can configure the calls to audio routing with just uncomplicated steps. For this…

You need to go to the setting section and then tap on the accessibility setting. After this, you will see an option named call audio routing.

Next, you will see three options. You will need to select the automatic option, and then the setting will change.

Modernized the software

The software has a very vital role in all functions of the phone. Sometimes the speaker also stops working because of an older version of the software, so you should update it when you find a new update in the notification panel.

To modernize the software, Go to the menu and tap on the setting menu.

Now drop down until you see the button named ‘Software Updates‘ if you see the new update, then tap on it and download the new version. After this, the phone will restart, and now the speaker will start providing the sound.

Try gentle reset

If you see a problem regarding the speaker, you can try the gentle reset, which is very straightforward. For this, follow the steps…

You just need to hold the sleep and home button concurrently and then glide the power button to switch it OFF. After this process, the gentle reset becomes done.


iPhone 7 speaker greyed out. In the above section, there is whole detail regarding the iPhone 7 speaker greyed-out problem.

I know that after reading it, you can solve the problem immediately. I hope you like this article. If you really like this article, then share it with your friends.

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