iPhone 5s won’t turn on or charge

iPhone 5s won’t turn on or charge. iPhone is at the top of the best phones list, and its quality is also very remarkable, but it’s hurt when it won’t turn ON or does not charge.

It happens because of the low battery, display issues, defects in the lightning cable, and many more. You can solve it at your place without taking the technician’s advice.

Keep reading if you want the best and fast troubleshooting because I am discussing proper detail in this.

iPhone 5s won’t turn on or charge

You can solve it by power restarting in DFU mode, restoring the iPhone by using the computer, by the Ultfone method, and many more.

Also, solve the charging problem by changing the battery and the charger, using another electric point, and many more.

Just follow all of the procedures and get the unique troubleshooting done in a short time.

Charging solution

charging solution

To turn it on, you first must have to solve the problem of charging.

Analyze the electric point

First, you have to analyze the electric point because if the output is less, it can not charge the phone, and the battery level remains constant.

So if the electric point is faulty, then you have to charge the iPhone with other.

Charge the phone in off mode

If your iPhone is off and it is not turning ON, then you have to charge it in OFF mode. First, plug the charger into the electric circuit and join it to the mobile, and after this, leave it for some minutes.

After a few minutes, the phone will charge 10 to 20 percent, then turn ON the mobile by long pressing the power button after the phone becomes ON.

Now it’s time to apply further methods of turning on the problem.

In case it does not turn ON, then you have to replace the charger with another new original charger. The quality of the lightning cable should be the best because it works for a long time without any distractions.

Clean the Port

clean the port

Sometimes the port becomes dirty because of dirt particles, and the muss goes in it and becomes hard, so that’s why the power can not reach the battery of the iPhone.

So firstly, you have to remove all types of the first particles from it using a clipper or small tool.

After cleaning and reattaching the charger, your phone will start charging because now the power is reaching fully to the battery.

Determine the lightning cable

If by applying all troubleshooting they do not work, then it may have a fault in the lightning cable of the charger. If the battery is not charged, then take another mobile to check the cable.

Then attach the same cable and adapter with that phone. If it also does not turn ON, and the electric point is also working accurately, then you should replace the lightning cable with the original iPhone 5s lightning cable.

Solving the turning-on problem

When the phone become on, then now you should solve the turning-off problem, which is rising again and again.

Different procedures are given below, so apply them and get the best result.

By solid restart

by solid restart

If the iPhone 5s is not starting, you can do a solid restart, known as a hard reset.

So it is effortless to do so for it; you need to press the power button and the home button at the same time. After this, the logo apple appears on the screen.

It means the iPhone is successfully a solid restarted.

Factory reset by using the pc

First, check the phone properly that it is OFF, then attach the USB cable to the personal computer and then press the home button.

After a few minutes, it connects with iTunes, and now a prompt will appear on the screen, so now you need to select OK, and then it will restart, and then select the restore and update option. Now it will reset completely. If this method creates trouble, then contact support.

Reboot by using the Ultfone Method

It is another method to turn on the phone. This method is not very difficult if you follow the step accurately, so let’s start the process.

It is a tool, and it has two options first is recovery mode, and the second is out of recovery mode. You can go to recovery mode and also exit from it by simply using this tool.

Firstly you have to open this toll and join the defective iPhone and the computer with each other, then select the recovery mode option to go into the recovery mode temporarily.

After this selection, the option to exit recovery mode for the hard reboot of the iPhone, and then the iPhone will turn ON, and the issue will be resolved.


iPhone 5s won’t turn on or charge. In the end, I want to inform you that this problem is a common problem and very simple to troubleshoot. You can easily solve it by reading the above article and getting fantastic results.

After the research, I picked the main points which make the problem of turning ON and also described the reasons behind all of these separately. So you can easily pick to point according to the facing problem.

After reading this, you can solve it yourself and do not need to go to the official outlets or the shop of any technician.

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