iPhone 5 lightning port replacement

iPhone 5 lightning port replacement. iPhone is a top brand in the world in the phone industry, and its feature makes it incredible. So the users love to use it because of its design and most amazing features.

During usage, many people face more difficulty, which is a defective lightning port. Most user still does not know how to fix it and what is the reason behind this.

So I am thinking of sharing the whole procedure with you so you can sort out this problem in less time. So if you want the solution, then keep following the given below procedure.

iPhone 5 lightning port replacement

If you want an instant solution, then you should have some tools. Which are ordinary and I am expecting that they will be available in your garage.

You should have a suction cup, a screwdriver, a plastic opener, a spudger, and a new port.

If you are ready with the essential tools, then stop waiting more and start reading to get the immediate solution ever.

Disassemble the structure

disassemble the structure

First of all, take out the screen protector and then check the smashed screen by tapping on it. It is broken properly now, so it’s time to replace it with a new one.

Now turn off the iPhone 5 and then look at the lower side. There are two 3.6 mm Pentalobe screws, so take a screwdriver and open both.

Now take a suction cup and depress it on the screen and start pulling it up. Pull gently. When you pull a little, then a gap will make, so you have to put a plastic tool to open the screen from the front panel.

Pull the screen at a 90-degree angle and dont pull with excessive force because it is attached to a sensitive strip and the strip is so precious.

Take off the battery brackets

Now you can see the battery bracket on the motherboard, so for the further process, you have to remove it. For Removal, take the Phillips screwdriver of 1.18mm and 1.6mm.

Then take out both screws. Once you open the screws, pull out the metal battery connector and then take a plastic opener tool and disconnect the connector from the internal panel. Now, turn to the next step.

Disconnect the cable bracket

Now you have to disassemble the cable bracket, and It also consists of three screws, so you have to open the two with Philips 1.2mm and the single one with 1.6mm with the help of a screwdriver. Note that you did not miss any screws.

Now with the spudger, take out the metal cable bracket hooks, and then you can see the three cable brackets.

The first is for the front-facing camera and sensor cable, the second is for the LCD cable, and the third one is for the digitizer cable.

Now using the tip of your finger, remove all of them, and after this step, the screen will separate fully, and then you can easily move on to the next step.

Detach the antenna connector

Now, look at the panel. You can see an antenna cable, so it is a must to disconnect it from the panel connector. After this, you have to lose all the screws which are around the sound enclosure and gripe them to the internal frame.

It has a 2.5 mm Phillips screw, a 1.5 mm Phillips screw, a 2.5 mm Phillips screw, and a 2.7 mm stand-off screw. You have to open all of them with accurate screwdrivers.

Lose the sound enclosure

Now, slide the point of a spudger, lower the spring contact flex cable below the battery, and decently loosen it from the speaker enclosure.

Now take out the sound enclosure from the lowercase with low force. Remove the tiny washer from the sound enclosure and use it for the next replacement, and then move on to the next step.

Now you can easily see a 2.9 mm Phillips screw, a 1.5 mm Phillips screw, and Two 3.3 mm Phillips screws.

It is connected to the lighting assembly connectors, so you have to screw off all of them from the rear case of the iPhone 5.

Separate the lightning connector

separate the lightning connector

Now take a plastic opener and disconnect the lightning connector properly with the socket of the motherboard. Next, take a heat blower or an iopener and provide heat from all sides of the panel.

After this, take a plastic opener again and take out the connector flex cable from the motherboard of the iPhone 5 case.

Next, take a spudger and pull the remaining lightning connector assembly of the motherboard.

Now you can see the four washers in front of you. Make them safe because it is essential while assembling the body again.

Replace the lightning port

Now take a tweezer and take the damaged lightning port off and then attach the new lightning port with a soft hand, and then you can close the body perfectly, and then it starts charging usually, and you can now start the activities on your iPhone 5.


iPhone 5 lightning port replacement. I know, for beginners, it is so difficult, but if you apply the best step at an accurate time, then it is not.

If you have the tools, then you can easily open the structure and disconnect all the brackets and also attach the new lightning port easily.

So no matter whether you are a beginner or a learner, just do all these steps with full concentration, and I hope you will act it perfectly.

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