HTC one battery remove

HTC one battery remove. Htc one is an integrated technology smartphone. So it is an electric device so you can not believe it because it can disturb at any stage. So the most common problem the htc users face is of the battery.

If you think it is too tough to replace the battery of the htc one, then you are so wrong because, with the help of a few tools, you can resolve this mess anytime and anywhere. After reading this, you can do it.

But if you dont have much information regarding replacement batteries, then it will become a more challenging task for you and also break the other particles of the htc one phone.

HTC one battery remove

But if you want to seek knowledge regarding replacing the htc one battery, then, believe me, you are at the right point because here is complete detail about the whole procedure step by step.

So if you are ready to read it correctly, you have to read it with concentration, too, because you can get numerous outcomes after using these steps at this stage. So if you want a rapid solution, then start reading.

Necessary tools

necessary tools

If you want to complete work without the apparatus, then sorry to say that you are on the wrong path because no task can be performed without the apparatus’s availability.

So if you dont have them all, so my advice is that do not start the task and save your time too.

If you want to replace the battery of the htc one, then you have a plastic opener, Torx screwdriver, guitar pick, sim opener pin, and also the new original battery of the htc one.

Apart the body

First of all, You have to eject the sim, so first put the pin in the tiny hole beside the sim portion, and then you can see the tray and then eject the sim. After this, proceed to the next step.

So then, using the guitar pick or plastic tool opener, start opening the body and separate the back frame from the screen display.

So put the plastic opener tool in the gap between the back frame and the display screen, and after this, start moving from the start to the end of the back frame. It will be apart easily.

Screw off the motherboard

Next, you can easily watch many screws on the motherboard if you want to reach the battery position.

You have to screw off all the screws on the motherboard. Always save the screws because if they are lost, then more trouble will create for you.

Now You can see the proctor sheet, which protects the component. Now for the further process, you have to remove all of them. And then you can easily go to the next step without any distractions.

Remove the flex

Removing the flex is very compulsory, so when the whole panel is in front of you, then you should remove all the flex.

Always remove all with the help of the tool but please dont force from the fingers because it can ruin the motherboard structure. Removing the flex will help you in the further procedure.

Take out the extra connectors

In the motherboard, there is not only one connector, but there are many connectors like antenna connectors and more. Mostly it is connected with a screw or other.

And they all are directly connected to the frame, so if it remains closed, then you can not replace the battery. So first, take out all the strips of the connectors.

Pull out the battery

pull out the battery

Now turn the frame. You can then you can see the battery, so you can not use any tool at this point, so you can pull with your fingers by applying enough force.

Be careful during pulling the battery out. Because if the frame becomes smashed, then it will be really very difficult to fix.

So next, you have to adjust the new battery and make sure it is the original product because local-based manufacturing batteries can reduce the performance and also the battery consumption limit.

So after installing the new one, you can start closing the htc one.


Prevention is also very compulsory. Without prevention can not you can not perform any task with full peace of mind, so my advice is always to use prevention before starting any task.

So for this, you should have suitable tools, work with a gentle hand, dont push the frame too hard, and always replace the original product battery.


In the end session, I expect that here you can get full detail regarding the replacement battery of the htc one. And I hope very great that you easily understand the preventions, necessary tools and also the procedure.

So keep reading and share it with the community. Thank you very much with a deep heart.

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