How to wash patagonia down jacket

How to wash patagonia down jacket. Patagonia down jackets are made up of unique quality and look great in the cold weather when you go outside, but the washing method differs from other jackets.

It doesn’t mean it can not wash in a normal machine. You can easily wash it, but you must apply other methods to wash it perfectly.

The method is not difficult. You just need to apply some settings. After this, the quality of the jacket remains the same, and wash it without any person’s help.

How to wash patagonia down jacket

You should have some products before washing the Patagonia jacket, like a tennis ball, gentle detergent, and more which are given below.

You can do all processes by using a normal front loading normal machine. By using products, you can wash the jacket in a few minutes, and after drying, you can use it.

Starting procedure

starting procedure

First of all, Remove all the stuff from the pocket of the jacket because it can create a mess during washing and ruin your jacket. Then open all zips of the coat.

Opening the main zip is a must because if it is open, then it can cause problems.

Adding Detergent

Without detergent, cloth or jackets of any type can not be washed properly, so having the best quality detergent is essential.

For jackets you have an excellent detergent that is suitable for jackets. First, check the washing machine whether there is a cloth or not. If not, put the jacket in it and add the detergent.

Start the washing machine

Do not use fabric softener or any kind of bleach. Always add cold after with the packet in the front loading washing machine.

Add the excellent quality detergent with cold water from the front of the washing machine because it will remove the stains permanently, and no small stain will remain there.

If you need to add warm water at any stage, you can add it, but you prefer cold water.

Remove all dirt

If the jacket is dirtier, don’t take it out after completing the first round. You have to start it again and wait until it stops. After stopping, you can take the jacket out from the front-loading washing machine.

Set medium mode

If you set the washing machine in high mode, then the jacket quality becomes ruined.

The medium mode is suitable for the Patagonia jacket because the rub function rubs the cloth gently, and the rotation cycle is also normal. Hence, the quality of the jacket remains the same, and all stains become clean in less time.

Check the stains

Check the stain whether it has a stain or not. You should clean it more if it has a visible stain or dirt. If there is no stain, then start the procedure of drying it.

Dry the jacket using tennis balls

dry the jacket using tennis balls

Now it’s time to dry the jacket. If you want the same quality and fresh-look jacket as before after drying, then you need two to six tennis balls.

Put these balls and the jacket both in the washing machine dryer section.

Balls easily break all down clamps and give amazing results.

Always set the dryer on low heat because the high heat is bad for the jacket and can fade the color.

If you are drying in a laundromat, then check after sometime regularly because it drying section will already is in high heat mode.

After drying, don’t touch it until it becomes cold; after cooling, you will see there is no stain on the jacket, and it dries completely. Now you can wear it and go everywhere.


If you want the best cleaning of your Patagonia down jacket, then some precautions are important for it. Always use the front-loading washing machine for the jacket. Do not use bleach. Use good brand detergent.

Always use cold water. Set the washing machine to medium mode. Always set the dryer on medium heat and use tennis balls for an excellent result.


Washing the jackets is not difficult, but you need to be very careful about washing them because a small mistake can ruin your jacket and the money from which you buy it. Most of the jackets have fabric quality cloth, and it is very soft, so if you use bad quality detergent, the color will fade.

Only reading the article is not enough but applying all the steps in accurate time is compulsory. Because if you forget one step, the jacket becomes ruined, and if you wash more than one jacket, then more money will be wasted along with the jacket.

If your washing it for the first time or do not have much experience, then read this article. After reading this, you can wash the Patagonia jacket yourself and get the best result only in a first-time wash.

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