How to use heat shrink tube

How to use heat shrink tube. Using a shrink tube is a very convenient assignment that helps in several situations. It is best to cover the joints, make them safe for you, and reduce the chance of electric current by covering the electric wire.

It is not so hard to cover using it. You will need a heat resource like a lighter or a heat gun to shrink the tube on the wire, etc., and it is also not dangerous.

If you do not have much information concerning the heat shrink tube, do not sad now. Because here you can get the whole information regarding it and the precious techniques and procedures to do it at your home.

How to use heat shrink tube

To use it accurately, you should follow the important points before starting the task. You first should check the diameter of the wire.

Examine the not cover wire’s length; you will need to cut the tube according to the length of a specific area and many more, which I am writing all of these below.

So if you are fully prepared for reading, you should also read it thoroughly, not partially, and memorize all the procedures whenever you want to use the heat shrink tube.

Most useable instruments

most useable instruments

You know, for every task, you should have compulsory tools. Otherwise, you can not complete your assignment.

So to complete it, you should have a heat gun or any other heat resource, scissors, a measurement scale, a vernier caliper and well quality made heat tubes.

Detach the effective wire (Safety is first)

So the first part of the procedure is to detach the wire which you want to cover.

Because if it is an electric wire and may be connected to the power sources, then while tasking it, it will give you an electric shock, and the shock is very injurious to health and the whole body.

So you should detach the connection first and then start the assignment with full safety.

Determine the diameter of the wire

There are many tools to determine the diameter, but the best is the vernier caliper, so you should have the electric vernier caliper because it displays the accurate diameter of the object and is easily available in any market.

So first, you should determine the diameter of the specific area where you want to shrink the tube. When you see the exact measurement, then approach the next step.

Get the tube

Having an accurate size of the tube is also very essential for this. You should have a little bit wider size tube as compared to the size of the wire because if the tube is tiny, it can not adjust to the wire.

If you have a wider tube against the size of the wire, then it also can not adjust on the uncovered wire, so always ensure that you are taking the accurate and little wider tube for a wire.

Length of the tube

If you want to know about the size of the tube, then read this. First, you have a measurement scale, or you can also use the measurement scale, which is adjacent to the vernier caliper.

It’s your choice .both provide an accurate size. Next, measure the size of the uncovered area of the wire correctly, then take a scissor and, by using it, cut the tube into pieces according to the wire size.

Attach the tube to a wire

Now is a good time to attach the tube to the wire. So now you have to enter the tube from one side of the wire until it reaches the uncovered side of the wire. Then stop and adjust both sides equally, and then proceed to the next step.

Heat on the tube

heat on the tube

You should have the best heat resource for shrinking the tube. For Example, lighters, heat guns, match sticks, and many more like that.

So if you have the heat gun, turn it on, then transfer heat all around the tube, and leave it until it becomes cold.

When it reaches the normal temperature, it will tighten and adjust the wire properly, so it is ready to use. Now you are Successful in completing this task.


Safety is more important, so you should take care of yourself during assignments. So keep remembering the precautions which I am writing. I hope that it will save you from mishaps.

  • First, you should turn off the electric appliance if you want to cover its wire.
  • Second, you should keep your hand far from effective wire because it creates a wound on the finger.
  • Third, you should use the best tool for measurement and also for the diameter; otherwise, it will ruin all tasks.
  • Fourth, Use the best quality tube for covering because it will shrink easily.
  • Fifth, Be careful during the heat process because it can create pigment or can burn your hand.


Shrinking a tube is not a huge task and is also not very risky, but for some steps in the whole procedure, you need more care because it makes harmful effects.

So whenever you want to shrink the tube, remember the procedure given above.

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