How to take apart a keurig

How to take apart a keurig. Everyone loves their keurig when it works, but when it becomes defective, then you need to resolve the problem you are facing.

For troubleshooting, you have to open it. Opening it is not strenuous. You can open it very easily, but behind this, it has a condition which is of getting knowledge.

If you do not have much information about opening it, then the problem will not reduce, but it will become increasingly, and you will feel worst.

How to take apart a keurig

To take it apart, You should have some tools. The procedure for taking it apart is straightforward. You just need to follow all instructions accurately.

All procedures and the details of the tools are mentioned below. After this, you become able to open it and resolve your trouble.

Requires tools

requires tools

Paperclip, Damp, Drill with 3/16 or ¼ inch drill bi, lint-free cloth, Phillips-head screwdriver, Needle-nosed pliers, Long-handled Phillips-head screwdriver with a narrow shaft Hammer, Small size plastic bags, Short handled screwdriver, a few scraps of paper and simple paper.

Getting ready for disassembly

If you want to stay protected from the electric shock, then firstly, you have to turn off the machine completely. Because if the machine turns ON, it will cause big trouble.

Then take a towel and put the towel on the downside of the surface where you are opening the machine it helps to absolve water that comes from the machine after moving or shaking.

Opening the plate

First, to start work, you should open the plate downside of the machine. It has many screws, so take a screwdriver and open all screws after this plate removes from the body of the machine.

Be careful and dont push hard to open it because there are three connected wires that are attached to the plate.

Ensure that you need to take it Apart

After some time, people face the problem most is that the machine’s tension becomes low. If you are also facing this, then you don’t have the need to open the device because there is ground around the needles, which work is top of Peirce the k-cup.

So, open the basket of the k cup. After this, you will see the sharp needle placed in it, and it is covered by a gasket of rubber. Next, remove this rubber but be careful because the needle is too sharp.

It can affect your finger. Now plain a paper clip, you see two holes in the needle, which is trapped completely. To release the trapped ground, you have to push the paper clip in both holes.

Remove the Power cord

remove the power cord

Now you have to remove the main power cord from the machine, so the wire is trapped in the body grip, so release it and take out the wire from the outside of the machine.

After removing now, it is time to take out the small lead, which is attached with tiny wires. Do not detach the wires.

Detach the body and internal system

Then you have to separate the whole body and the internal structure. For this, take a screwdriver and put it in the joint of the body, which is near about curve line, then move the screwdriver from up to the downside to open the hooks.

It has two hooks for opening. The body will separate properly.

Open other parts

After partitioning the internal structure, you can see many parts, which are tights with screws. Now you have to open all the parts.

Open all the screws using a screwdriver and open all the parts. After opening, the part will separate from the body. Be careful during the removal because it has many soft wires.

Remove the remaining elements

After taking off the part now, you have to take off the remaining element. You can open it with tools but be attentive to open it because some are very sensitive and break quickly and make problems for you.

Things to remind

Precautions are very simple and also more important, so you need to follow all of them. First, Open the k-cup carefully. You should have all tools.

The needle is sharper, so touch it. Do not pull the plates hard, and Remove the sensitive element with soft hands.


keurig is the best machine for coffee, and you can make coffee in it very fast. After using it for a long time, its tension pressure becomes decreases, and it makes a mess for the user.

So many people do not have the knowledge to open it and don’t have much time to go to the technician so, they want to take it apart at home.

So, now it has become easy to disassemble the machine completely so in this article you can get full information about the tools, precautions and also the proper steps to open it.

You just need to apply the steps and also stay careful to perform these actions. You can open this in very less time and troubleshoot all of the problems soon.

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