How to remove ring faceplate

How to remove ring faceplate. The ring is an essential part of the home. Without it, the outsider and the insider both become ruined, so you need to open it or take its plate out when it becomes faulty or in bad condition.

Using a screwdriver, you can open the whole ring and its plate. If you facing this first time and then you will need to repair it and open the plate of the ring if you have enough information.

If you don’t know much about removing the bell’s plate, then now it will simply. Because in this article, you can get a rapid solution, which will also give you enormous results.

How to remove ring faceplate

If you are interested more to know about the information and the simple procedure, then you need to follow all steps of this article with full concentration.

If you are researching it but still can not find the solution according to the situation right now, then now your wait is over because, in this below part, you can get the amazing procedure step by step.

Required tools

required tools

If the ring has no screws, then you do not need any tools. You can proceed with all the steps without any type of tools.

But if it has screws, then you should have tools like a screwdriver and plastic pry only.

It will help you in every stage, and it will also help you to complete the task perfectly in very less time duration.

Power off the bell

There are two types of rings. The first works on electric current, and the second is on battery.

Most of the bells in the house depend on electric current so to remove it you must apply some safety the essential is to power its switch off. It will secure you from any shock or more trouble.

If the bell works on the battery, then you have to power it off. For this, you have to switch the button of the ring off. Now, It will protect you while removing the plate.

Screw off the ring

There are a few screws that grip the body of the ring each other. The number of screws depends upon the model. Some are of two, and some have more than two screws, so it doesn’t matter.

So now take a suitable screwdriver for the screw and start removing all of them. After screwing off, you can easily take apart the body side of the body and proceed to the next step.

If the bell does not have screws, then you can open both sides by using the top of the fingertips by applying low force on it. It will open effortlessly.

Separate the glass

Next, to remove the screws, you can easily take apart the glass from the frame of the bell. So now, by applying some pressure on the glass with your thumb on it, the glass becomes separate, and then you can easily go to the next step.

Remove the screws from the plate

Thus, You can see the screws of the plate. The plate has two or four screws usually. Its size is normally 5.3 mm.

Now using the screwdriver of ph-000, you can open it rapidly. But after removing the screws, the plates do not become separate. There is also more step for it. So for it follow the further step.

Take apart the frame

take apart the frame

Now you should use a plastic pry tool because if you dont have then you can not take apart the ring and the plate. So now you should enter the ‘plastic pry’ in the corner gap of the ring.

And apply force to take out the plate. You have to apply the same step on the other three sides.

Now you can easily remove the plate from the bell and also see the internal panel, and then you will fix any trouble in very less time.

Essential precautions

The precautions are very useful for the safety and for easy completion of the task, so while removing the plate, you should turn the bell off, remove the wire if it is connected, use the ph-000 screwdriver, use an accurate plastic tool, and last on one is that do all the steps with gentle hands.


If you were thinking that removing the plate is very hard to do or it can only be done by a technician, then you were false because, with the help of info, it becomes easy, but if you do not have info, then you can not do this, and you will frustrate more at this moment.

So if you want to do it without any assistance, then you have to read the article with full focus because after reading these steps, it becomes more effortless to apply at this moment, so it also gives you an extraordinary outcome.

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