How to ground yourself electricity

How to ground yourself electricity. Electricity is dangerous, and the body of humans can not survive after a massive shock so it causes the loss of life.

But it does not mean you can not perform any functions on the electrical product. You can repair the electric product by applying the few steps which protect you from accidents and any precious loss.

You can ground electricity using an anti-static wrap, anti-static mat, wood surface, and many more.

How to ground yourself electricity

Our body is the conductor, and it allows electricity to pass from it. When a person faces the shock of a high voltage current and can not apply precautions before safety, he/she loses his life, so it is essential to protect yourself first.

In this, you can find the best precautions before the electric tasks and also get the information about the things which ground you and become safe you and your life.

By using the anti-static wrist wrap

by using the anti static wrist wraps

If you want to work on an electric instrument and also want safety, then you have an option of an anti-static wrist wrap. It is designed according to the hand of the human and can not make any disturbance during the task.

So before starting the work, you should have to adjust it in your hand.

It attaches to your skin, and because of its anti-static feature, it can not allow the current to pass from it. So you can perform all your work with peace of mind.

By utilizing the anti-static mat

To make the task safe, you should use the anti-static mat. It can not allow passing the current from its surface, so if you open a device and the current is still in the parts, then you will remain safe from any shock.

Another benefit of the mat is that the tools will not be lost. You will not feel any difficulty using and working on it. It also protects the ESD-sensitive elements from any damage.

Work on the wood table

The wood table is available in every home. If you want to work safely and do not have any anti-static tools, then the wood table is a tremendous option because the wood table can not allow the current to pass.

Case if the parts have current, then you become safe. Wood safe you also if a shock attacks you.

If you see a person suffering from an electric shock, then take a wood stick and hit it between the human and the shock-making object. After this, the body will detach, and life will become safe.

By wearing the gloves

by  wearing the gloves

You should have almost one pair of anti-static gloves at your house. It is not a very outstanding anti-static, but it can give you the best safety.

A normal current can not pass from it, so before e starting the task, wear gloves and start the work. Do not use it during high voltages tasks.

Using the anti-static sheet

It is the best sheet for normal work. It is a mixture of plastic and metal. It has the ability to stop the current from its four edges.

Doing the tasks on it can provide peace of mind and can not give you an electric shock. It is also known as electrostatic dissipative polycarbonate.

Always be active

In some cases, if you are working and your mind is non-active or lazy, then because of it, the focus becomes low, and the hands touch the current and get an electric shock. So during work, always be active and do your task carefully if you want to save your life.

Sleep well

If you are feeling sleepy, then you should not start work because it can disturb your focus from work and without focusing, first, you can not do work properly, and second, it can give you a shock and harm your skin or whole body.

So always work when your sleeping duration is complete or in the morning when you are awake completely and feeling fresh.

Stop the overthinking

stop the overthinking

Overthinking can reduce the concentration on working activities. Once the concentration is gone, you will face an electric shock, and you will lose your life.

So stop all types of overthinking and continue the task. It will protect you from accidents.

Remove the static clothes

If you are wearing static clothes, then it has the most chance of shocks, so you have to remove them quickly and wear the anti-static feature clothes.

If you are performing a big project like changing the transformer or any other project, then you should wear an anti-static cap and cloth.

Because it has the ability to save you from the highest electric shock, working on big projects harms you more as compared to small-type projects. So be prepared before starting.

Wearing the earthing shoes

At the markets, many anti-static shoes are available to save you from any harmful scene.

It is best for high-voltage projects, and the size is almost half of your knees. When you wear it, and your feet are not attached to the earth’s surface, then it helps you most, and you remain safe from high shock.

Sit on the chair mat

sit on the chair mat

If you work most by sitting on a chair and want protection, then this mat is for you, and it gives you a fantastic feel while using it.

So when you start work you just need to adjust this mat on the setting surface and then sit on it and start the work. It is very comfortable and will not cause any issues during the electrical task.

Switch off the plug

When the switch of the appliance is OFF, then it is safe, so you should start the work after switching it OFF.

Most people forget to plug it off, and when they touch the part of the appliance, they feel an electric shock.

It is dangerous. So, switch the plug off from the electric point first and then start the procedure.

Use anti-static tools

Do not use static-friendly tools because when you touch the surface of the electric appliance so it allows the current to pass the current.

It affects your hand, and then the current will be transferred to your whole body and causes issues in health. So always use the antistatic plier and screwdriver or etc.

Use humidifier

use humidifier

When the temperature of the working place becomes cold and dry with low humidity, then it causes high voltage electricity shock, so to get rid of you have to buy the best quality humidifier and use it in your place.

It will increase the humidity and be helpful for you and also protect you from any mishap.

Hold another anti-static product

The is another excellent method is to hold the anti-static product in your other hand.

When you want to start practicing and do not have any anti-static product at that time, then hold a key or other anti-static product in one hand and start work from another hand. By this simple method, you become safe from the shock.

Do before starting (Precautions)

Applying the precaution before working can reduce life loss risk, so always save it in your memory.

First, you must have one product from the list, like an anti-static mat, wrist band, and chair mat for safety; always wear gloves and shoes before the large project. Only use non-statical clothes, Plug off the power cable of the appliance, Be careful and take proper sleep.


How to ground yourself electricity. After reading this, I hope you will understand all the precautions and the needed tools and stay protected.

Always follow the steps before practicing because it is very important and can save your life.

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