How to fix sticky keys on macbook pro

How to fix sticky keys on macbook pro. Many problems create when the keyboard has sticky keys. This is because of dust and other dust particles.

Many solutions are here to get rid of this issue. You can clean it by using the Spudger, Rubbing isopropyl alcohol, Compressed air, A simple toothpick, Cotton swabs, a Towel of paper, and a dishwasher liquid.

After cleaning, it gives you fast typing and soft keys, and all buttons work only with one time press. You can feel like you are using new after applying these procedures.

How to fix sticky keys on macbook pro

If the keys become sticky and the keyboard’s surface becomes worse, then there are many solutions from which you can remove them.

The points mentioned below help remove all types of dirt particles from the keyboard in less time and make the keyboard sticky-free.

Cleaning with Compressed Air

cleaning with compressed air

Compressed air is the best solution to get rid of this problem because compressed air has more ability to clean many crumbs.

Shut down your Apple MacBook. Ensure that the plug is out from the outlet.

You have to set the MacBook on a slight angle and hold it against the wall so it can not drop. Spray on the side of the keys with the help of compressed air.

Move the air from left to right. Keep your distance from another part of the MacBook because it makes any faults. Rotate MacBook and spray on different positions and apply step 3. After applying all steps, check the keys.

Cleaning with a cotton swab

cleaning with a cotton swab

Another method to clean the surface of the keyboard is using a very simple toothpick. By following all the steps, you can get tremendous results.

Firstly, turn the laptop OFF and take out the charger if it is attached. Take a cotton swab and remove the large dirt which is most visible.

Wet the cotton swab in the rubbing alcohol(isopropyl alcohol). Then clean all the dirt from the surface using this wet cotton swab. When it is cleaned properly, then check the keys.

Precaution is important, so please Dont wet cotton swabs too more and always Take a good quality cotton swab for better cleaning.

Opening and cleaning the keys

opening and cleaning the keys

To clean the keyboard deeply, you should try this method. There are complete steps of opening the keys and cleaning them properly.

Shut down the MacBook first. Using a plastic opener, open the keys. MacBook keys are very soft and can be damaged with little force, so be careful when opening keys.

When all keys remove then, take soapy water into a bowl and put all keys in it for a few minutes.

After some time, when all first cleaned so, take out the keys from the water. Then dry the keys properly then start the process of keys attaching.

Be careful when attaching keys because they are made of soft material and can be damaged.

After adjusting the keys on the keyboard, check the keys. This troubleshooting has the most chance of getting rid of the sticky key issue. Ensure that you remind the precautions like Being careful to open keys and Don’t using cold water.

Cleaning with toothpick

cleaning with toothpick

The method of cleaning with a toothpick is very easy. You can remove the sticky keyboard problem by using only a toothpick.

First of all, turn off the charger if it is connected. Turn OFF the MacBook. Then take a toothpick and clear the edges of the keys.

After key cleaning, remove the crumbs from the visible surface of the keyboard.

Now check the keys. Hopefully, it works non-sticky. Do not force too much because it creates the chances of breakage.

Cleaning with toothbrush

cleaning with toothbrush

There is an amazing and effortless method of cleaning the MacBook keyboard’s surface with a toothbrush’s help.

First, turn off the charger and shut down your MacBook. Then carefully open the keys from the plastic remover tool. After removing all keys, a plain surface appears in front of you.

Take a brush, rub it softly on the surface, and clean all derbies. After cleaning, adjust all keys correctly. Then test your MacBook’s all keys.

Some precautions are compulsory: First, take a soft brush, and second, Do not rub hard.


How to fix sticky keys on macbook pro. In most cases, you are workings on MacBook and drinking and eating something. By chance, it drops from your hands, and the keyboard becomes wet or dirty.

Because of this, the keyboard becomes faulty, and sometimes its keys become sticky and work on double pressing. In this article, All points are discussed separately in their own steps, sorted number-wise, so it is easy to read and apply.

I hope very best that after reading this article, you become excited and resolve your issue in less time and get rid of the sadness in your mind and also from the heart.

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