How to fix sliding closet doors

How to fix sliding closet doors. If you compare the old style closets and the new style closet, you will definitely like the modern one because it is slide type, so it is very simple to close and open.

In the sliding closet, there are many particles on which it moves and also troubles created in it, and sometimes the disturbance in it can make it hard to slide and become jammed, and also many more.

It does not mean that modern closets are of bad quality or worst manufacturing. It happens because of different defects in the closet.

How to fix sliding closet doors

It happens when the wheel friction becomes very low, and there is rust in the wheel, Dirt in the slider, falls on tracks, low oiling, and many more.

Here I am telling you about the reasons and also the solution in proper detail, so you just read all of them to fix the slider of the closet.

Replace the track with a new

replace the track with a new

If you see the proper breakage in the track, then you have to measure the size, including the length and width.

Write the size on the blank page. Then you should go to the market and buy the new track according to its accurate size.

Now it’s time to adjust it in the closet and now take a screwdriver according to its screw and then take all of them out.

Now it becomes separate from the grip, and then take out the screw. Now install the new track and then tighten all the screws. And now you can use the slider decently.

Oil the track

On the lower side of the slider, there are some small wheels that help the slider to move.

So if you do not put oil after a long time, its friction becomes less, it becomes hard to move, and most of the time, it becomes jammed. So the best solution is to oil the wheels.

Always use special quality oil for long usage and smooth slider. When you feel any breakage, you should oil the wheels of the track properly.

Rusted wheels

When you do not oil the wheels properly, then the wheels become dry. So wheels become rusty and jammed. So when you want to slide, it does not move, so now you need to WD-40.

Because with the help of this, it becomes very effortless to clean the rust and unjam the wheels, spray the WD-40 on the surface of the wheel deeply.

Then wait to dry, and after drying, put the oil on the wheels, and then it will smooth and slide easily.

Line up the door

Occasionally, when you change the tracks, the door touches each other while moving, and it makes it difficult for you. The main reason behind this is the not aligned lineup. So you can adjust it without changing the new track or door.

First, you have to remove the doors from the track and then adjust both doors again one by one. After adjusting, they can not touch each other again, and the lineup will be easily arranged, and now you can use it perfectly.

Worst slabs

Most of the time door and slider work perfectly, but the slabs are defaced, so if you check and find that the slabs are not working, you should change it.

You have to measure the size of the slabs and note it properly, and then you have to go to the market and buy brand new ones with accurate sizes.

Now, change the slabs, and after the replacement, it works perfectly, and now you can use it with full peace of mind.

Clean out the track

clean out the track

If you examine that the door slide is in working condition, you must also examine the track. Because if more dirt particles and derbies go inn to the track, it can distract the slider from moving.

You need a torchlight or enough light to check the track. If you see dirt particles, you must clean them until all dirt becomes clean.

To clean it, you can use a standard vacuum cleaner for at least 30 seconds on the specific area, and you should use a vacuum by using the power option, or another method is to clean the track with a suitable tool according to the track length and its size.

Fix the jump

Usually, the doors jump off on their track. So first, you look at the door from up to down, and if you see any gap in the up or the bottom, then you need to solve it.

For it, you should take a screw and a screwdriver. And then adjust the screw where the door has a sag after it will not jump again and also work amazingly.


You should be able to fix the closet and also more problems at your home; otherwise, it will be more difficult for you, and when you face problems, you will need to contact a repairer, and he will take more fees.

So if you want to save money and time, you should know about troubleshooting the closets. This article helps you in many ways. I hope you like it the most.

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