How to fix a broken necklace

How to fix a broken necklace. The necklace is fascinating and increases beauty. In events or in a wedding ceremony it looks very attractive with your outfit.

When your necklace is broken, or the chain is apart, it becomes a worrying situation for you, and you imagine it is difficult and needs more instruments to fix it. But in reality, it is very easy.

You can fix it by yourself. For this, you have to follow some simple steps. After this, your necklace becomes ready to wear again and also gives you a perfect look.

How to fix a broken necklace

It is not a critical task to affix the chain or the whole necklace. It just needs some concentration and a short period of time.

You need some normal tools that are normally available in homes, such as magnifying lenses, like a magnifying glass or a microscope, Screwdrivers, Pliers, and Forceps. With the help of these tools and steps, you become able to affix it.

Appropriate Point to Work

appropriate point to work

  • Best Table and surface

First, you have to decide and select a desk, a kitchen table, or a sewing desk. Ensure the table you selected is clear and no other items are put on the table because a flat surface helps you when to save the parts of it drop.

  • Sitting Condition

You need a perfectly made comfortable chair according to your arm and wrist so you can easily work for a long time. It also prevents your necklace from more accidents or mishaps.

Embed the necklace’s chain

In most cases, a person who wears the necklace faces the problem of the chain being broken. It is possible to fix at the same position using tools.

  • Accurate tool

Some necklaces have a tiny chain, and some have a big chain depending on their design. For better fixing, you need a tool according to its chain’s width. If the chain is tiny, use a small nose plier. Much work for fixing the chain is done with the help of a plier, so always choose an accurate plier.

  • Separate the necklace

First, you should separate the chain from the necklace because some precious metals and products are attached to the chain, which is an essential and expensive part, so separating it helps prevent any damage.

Fixing the Ringchain

fixing the ringchain

The ring chain often expands, creates issues, and separates from each other.

Firstly check the condition of the affected, whether it is open or near to damaged. If it is open, then use the plier, close it, and attach it to the other side.

In other cases, if the ring chain is damaged and not fixed, many ring chains are available in the market to buy the matching ring chain.

First, open the new chain right little bit, then open another chain ring from the chain, attach each other, and close both ends.

  • More Layer chain

If you have more layer chains, it is another way to fix it. Using a plier it, Attach all the main chains which accurate positions which is matching with each other.

Because joining it inappropriately can cause other losses.

Lock setting

If the lock of the chain becomes damaged, you can chain its side. For changing sides, remove the locker from the previous side, then use a thin wire to enter the locker and attach it to another side.

Then the other part of the locker where the loch adjusts can also be set by using the same procedure, but you have to bend the shape of the wire to adjust another side.


Use a small nose plier to open the tiny chain. And for the fat chain, use a plier because accurate pliers help join the chain best.

You need more focus to join multiple-layer chains because a small problem can ruin your expensive money. Always remove the precious metal section of the necklace before working.

Always decide flat surface table or desk because if a part of the necklace moves from the actual place, it lands on your leg laps. It saves your precious component of a necklace.

Buy the accurate ring chain because different ones ruin the look and give a shameful experience in the event. It makes your mood off.

Ensure that both chains are properly attached. If not, then it may be the cause of another trouble. Working with less force and more smoothly may not cause more damage.

Always hold the ring chain with forceps. It makes less chance of injury to the hand.


How to fix a broken necklace. Following a few steps, you can fix all the issues you are facing regarding your necklace.

In this article, there is also a description of the care before and after the fix. It helps you get rid of this problem without any extra loss. After reading this, you will fix it and wear it again without any problem.

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