How to charge airpods without case

How to charge airpods without case. There is no doubt that the AirPods make life easier and the calling more comfortable. You know that you need to charge it for use, and most people don’t know that there are many other ways to charge it if they do not have a case.

On the spot, if you dont have any case to charge the AirPods, then you can also charge it with the other charging cases, friends’ cases, and very much more.

In a situation where you dont have cases of the AirPods, but it is essential to charge, then you don’t need to worry. You just need to read this article carefully.

How to charge airpods without case

If the case of your AirPods is faulty or you forget to bring it with you anywhere, then you can charge it easily and with different methods, without any disturbance, and make the AirPods 100% charged. I will also tell you about the myth common in the world and very futile.

Below are complete procedures for charging the AirPods without a charging case, and after reading this, you can get an exciting experience that you will never get before.

Use alternate brands’ case

use alternate brands' case

If you are a regular user of the AirPods and charge it with its original case, but now it is missing, and the charging level of the AirPods become low, then you have another chance to charge it.

Go to the market, and there you can see the many cases of different brands; they are all less expensive than the original ones.

So, buy the new one but ensure that it will connect easily with your AirPods and its quality is amazing as compared to others. Then buy it and charge the AirPods.

Use the charging case of your friend

If your charging case is missing, but you want to charge your AirPods, then you have the option to use the cases of your friend’s AirPods.

Yes, because every AirPods does not have its special case, all the cases are the same so that you can use anyone. So dont be afraid of the other AirPods charging cases to charge.

It is not harmful. It can help you more and give you un-interpreted talk time.

You can connect this one using Bluetooth because it is very fast technology and then make the calls without any disturbance. So always using Bluetooth gives you a fantastic experience

Charge through the pin charger (Myth)

charge through the pin charger (myth)

The narrow pin chargers came with the small size phones, and they had the capacity to charge the small batteries because they did not have more power output.

Many peoples claim that this charger can easily charge the AirPods if you dont have any case of AirPods. But it does not mean that it is impossible.

Or you can not attach it directly with the AirPods. You can do it, but before this, the below section should be stored in your mind…

  • Do not do this

The narrow pin charger does not have enough power output. Still, in my opinion, this power output is more for the AirPods because it stores the battery when you provide the power according to it; otherwise, it does not.

If you attach the narrow pin charger to the AirPods, it may be a dangerous activity and can also ruin the AirPods. So I recommend that you should try another best method to charge the AirPods.

  • Other earbuds

Except for AirPods, many earbuds of different brands come with a tiny hole in their pair of headsets, so if you charge it with the charging cable.

So, it is the best way to charge the earbuds. And you can use them for a long time.

Charge through the application (Myth)

Another vast myth about the charging of the AirPods is through the third-party application.

It has no logic. It is impossible to charge the AirPods with it because no brand can claim that it is the right way. Even the apple brand also can not recommend it.

Usually, third-party apps are very risky, and if you want to charge your AirPods with it, it means you are in danger and never store the energy in it. So don’t try this method. It is totally useless.


How to charge airpods without case. Most people do not have enough knowledge, and they use futile methods with no logic. So they apply it and ruin their device. So first, you have to research if you find any wrong info, then you have to use another method.

But now you dont need more research. You just need to read this article because, in this article, there is a complete discussion about the real one and also about the myths. So read this carefully, and I hope you will charge your AirPods without any distractions.

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