How to change battery on apple tv remote

How to change battery on apple tv remote. Without a remote, you can not perform any function on the apple tv. It consists of a high-quality battery, but after long use, it becomes dead.

So now it is essential to change it. For this, you need some tools and time to replace it. You also need to open the whole remote to change its battery.

It has small components you should need more attention on it; then you can replace the battery without more hard work.

How to change battery on apple tv remote

In this article, you will get all the procedure step by step about opening the remote, when to use a screwdriver, replacing the battery, and much more.

Just read this properly and act all these steps as described. Do not miss any step because if you ever miss only one step, a new difficulty becomes for you.

Essential tools

essential tool

Before starting the process, you should have all the required tools. Otherwise, you can not replace the battery. So you need a spudger, a tweezer, a new battery, and a screwdriver.

Remove adhesive

The first step for replacing the battery of the apple tv is to take apart the upper body. For this, take a heat iopener and heat on all sides of the remote from it.

After this, the adhesive loses its grip and expands. Now you can open both parts easily.

Take apart the upper body

When the adhesive loses its grip, take a spudger and lift the upper side of the remote with a soft hand from downside to upside. Do not pull hard. If you pull so hard, it will break.

And a new mess will create, so be careful during the separation. To open the upper plastic, push it in the front side direction.

Take off the connector

Now it’s time to open the connector. To open the connector, which is joined with the logic board and the touchscreen, pull it upside down using the spudger.

Do not force to spudger more because more force can ruin the internal board from all sides.

Take off the remaining binds

The last two binds can not be removed from the hand, so take a tweezer, put it between the remaining hooks and the body, and pull from its grip.

Then using a hand, pull the upper face, which is made of plastic. Next, The connector will separate from the logic board completely.

Open the latch

Now you can see the logic board properly. Many components are adjusted on it, but you have to find the latch, which is mostly set on the upper right side of the panel.

Ensure that you find the latch, then take a tweezer and raise the latch while holding the connector of the battery.

Screw off the logic circuit

The logic circuit is tightened with eight screws on the upper body. To replace the battery, you need to open all of them. It can not open with all types of screwdrivers.

You need a special one, which is a T3 Torx screwdriver. Loose all of the 2mm screws with soft hands using the T3 Torx screwdriver. Ensure that all are properly loose and no one is still tight on the upper body.

Separate the logic board

separate the logic boards

Opening the logic board is essential because the connecting strip of the battery is placed on the back side of the logic circuit, so now it’s time to separate the logic board from the body.

So take a tweezer and put it gently between the gap of the logic board and the body, And then pull decently. The logic board and the body will detach.

Remove the older battery

After this, you can see the connector strip behind the logic board. It is a very sensitive part, so take it out decently. Now you have to remove the older one.

For this, pull the battery while holding the remote case and ensure that it only affects the battery, not the whole remote case.

Join the new battery

The main procedure is to replace the older battery with a new one, so for this, take a new battery and make sure it can suit the apple remote or it is original, not copied.

Because the copied battery has a short lifetime and ruins the panel’s overall function, so be careful to attach the new battery.

Attach the connector and do not force too much on it. Now you can attach all the body parts again.  To attach all parts again, follow the procedure from down to top.


How to change battery on apple tv remote. Most people think that only technicians can change the battery of the apple remote because they have professional tools, but in truth, you can do it yourself, and the tools you should require are not professional.

All required tools are common and are available in every home.

You just need to get knowledge regarding this, and It becomes easy if you read this article properly and do the same procedures which I wrote in the above section.

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