Google pixel won’t turn on

Google pixel won’t turn on. Google phone is one of the tremendous phone brands with the best screen and high pixels camera. It works more smoothly. But in many cases, users face the turning ON problem.

It may cause by the low level of the battery, not updated firmware, dead battery, defective screen, Faulty lightning cable, worst condition of charging port, and a lot more.

These problems occur at any time, and you can disconnect with all, so you should have full knowledge about resolving them instantly.

Google pixel won’t turn on

You can clear up all the difficulties by charging the phone, up-to-date the firmware, changing the lightning cable, replacing the new battery and port, powering up, safe mode, and factor reset, etc.

So now read this accurately and fastly and get the knowledge of this and resolve it at any time without any other help.

Make an effort to force startup

make an effort to force startup

In most cases, the phone works ordinarily like the previous one after using the power start, so. First, you should try this. For this, follow the steps mentioned below.

Firstly, Hold and depress the volume down button at one time, and after holding and depressing both for 8 to 10 seconds, the phone becomes restarts and works normally.

If this step does not work, then it is sure that the malfunction is faulty, and you have to update the software.

To check the firmware

If your google pixel is not turning ON, then you can not take out the battery of it because it is fixed in the phone.

You can not check the firmware from the setting option, but it has a possibility from which you can check whether the issue is in the firmware or not.

If your phone has a remaining battery level, then depress and hold the power key for at least 10 seconds. If it becomes turns ON, then it is confirmed that the problem is not in the firmware.

Because if the problem finds in the firmware update, then it never turns ON before the new update.

Worst charger

worst charger

If your phone doesn’t turn ON, then another defect may be in the worst charger adapter or cable.

So you have to check the phone to charge it with another original charger of the google pixel.

Join another google pixel charger with the phone and wait for 5 minutes, and then depress the power button. If it turns ON, then replace your previous charger with the new one.

  • Check the cable only

If you are sure that the adapter is in new condition and work well, then you take a new cable and attach it to the previous adapter, then connect it to your google pixel phone and wait for some minutes to see if it turns ON.

Then you have to change the cable only, not the whole charger.

Clean up the charging port

Occasionally, the charger is in a new shape, but the phone won’t turn ON.

So, in this situation, It is caused by dirt particles in the charging port, so now see the charging port if you see hard mud or derbies, then clean it up and then start charging your google pixel phone.

Resolve by safe mode

You can power up your phone by using safe mode. For this, you need to depress and hold the Power button long until you see a google logo on the screen.

Next, after the logo, depress and hold long the volume down button, which is located on the left side of the phone. Now, do not release it until it goes into safe mode. It takes 30 seconds to go.

Go to the recovery mode

You can go to recovery mode while your phone is completely off.

For this, first, you have to depress the volume button, and then without leaving it also, press and hold the volume down key until the phone becomes ON.

Now, you can see the button named ‘start,’ so after this, press and also holds the volume down key until you see the option of ‘Recovery mode,’ then depress the power button to start the process in the recovery mode. Now you are in recovery mode.

Factory reset while turning OFF

factory reset while turning off

If you want a factory reset of your phone in less time, then you can do it by just following all these steps accurately.

Firstly, you need to depress and hold long the power button during depressing the power button. Also, depress the volume button once and then release the power button instantly.

Next, you will see the option of factory reset on the screen, so now, you depress the down button until you see the button yes or no.

You have to choose the button ‘YES-DELETE ALL USER DATA’  and now, by pressing the power button, turn ON the phone after this reset becomes complete 100% also.

Check the brightness level

usually, you are in the low light room and do the brightness to a lesser level and forget to increase it, and when you go outside, you feel the display is black, but in reality, the reason is a low level of brightness.

So always set the brightness to high to go outside, or set it into auto mode permanently.

Final Words

Google pixel won’t turn on. In the end, I hope you got the reasons and also the troubleshooting. After this, you can solve this yourself.

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