Foodsaver accessory hose not working

Foodsaver accessory hose not working. Foodsaver is a tremendous accessory that protects your food and removes all humidity and extra air from it, which causes smell and creates bacteria in the food. So it consists of several parts, and occasionally parts become defective.

So in this situation, if you are not a professional and do not have much info, then dont be dejected because if you see that the foodsaver accessory hose is not working perfectly, Now you need to read this.

In this, you can get the reasons behind this and the required step if it happens again and again. I will try to provide you with the best fantastic solution that will also provide you peace of mind forever.

Foodsaver accessory hose not working

The hose plays an ideal role in the whole food saver device. The primary function of the hose is that it ejects all the air from the packet of food and protects the food for a long time.

So when it stops usually working, you should read this article and then fix it urgently. Because if you perform this procedure late, you cannot remove air, and food starts spreading an odorless smell.

Remove the trapped dirt

remove the trapped dirt

The first reason behind this trouble may be the dirt particles in the pipe.

Because when more dirt is trapped in the pipe, then it does not allow it to cross the air. So that is why the air circulation become stopped.

So for this, you just need to eject the pipe from the hose and clean it properly. After cleaning the air circulation can easily cross from it and the trouble will sort out.

Always clean the tools in soapy water. It also should be warm, not cold, so keeping this in your mind will protect the tools for long usage.

Clean the dirt from the hose

Most of the time hose stop working because the hose becomes full of dirt particles. Because all time, the dirt in the pipe is not only a reason, but if the dirt is trapped in the hose, then it makes problems crossing the air.

So whenever you see this mess. First, you will have to open the hose and examine the dirt.

If there are more trapped sort particles in the hose, then try to clean it properly, and after cleaning the hose, turn ON the foodsaver and check the performance. I hope very well that it works amazingly.

Inspect the bottom panel

If you see this issue again and again but still do not understand the reason behind this, then you should inspect the bottom panel of the accessory, and in this, you should check the pumps. So to inspect this…


First of all, You have to remove the screws from the head of it by using the screwdriver. So now take out the rubber by using a plastic tool or an opener.

Rubber is on the top of it, and then you can see more screws, and now it is time to remove the bottom panel. So be careful while taking out the bottom panel.

You can not see the panel fully. But on the partial view, you can see the wires which are connected to the body, so be careful because there is more risk of mishaps.

So now inspect the problem and resolve it. After resolving it again, close the foodsaver and start the process again without any more disturbance.

Change the accessory port

change the accessory port

If all of these solutions are not working, then there may be damage in the accessory port, so you have to examine it by following the procedure. So for this…


So first of all, switch the foodsaver off and then remove the pipe. Now lift the cover.

If the cover makes a disturbance while working, then you have to separate it from the body, and after this, you can work without any disturbance.

Then you can see the plastic nozzle, which is tightened with two screws. So take an accurate screwdriver and lose them gently. Now it will become separate.

Next, Take out the spring in this and then check for any breakage. If you see it is clean, and the structure also looks perfect, you do not need to change it.

Just clean the surface of it and set it back in its real position and close the whole foodsaver.

Adjusting the cover again after completing the task is a must and then also adjusting the pipe to its real position too. After this process, it starts working best again.


In the end phase of this article, I hope you will acknowledge that what are the reasons and what are the best ever troubleshooting when a food saver accessory hose stop is working.

It happens because of some little problems, and also the solution is effortless.

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