Firestick won’t turn on

Firestick won’t turn on. For amazing entertainment and playing games online, firestick is the best product in every case. But when it stops turning ON, then it disturbs all routine.

This difficulty occurs when the internet connection or speed is low, the worst HDMI cable, effective charging port, audio disturbance, compatibility defect, breakage in hardware, and sustainably more.

If you are facing this problem many times but now want an accurate and permanent solution, then read the article appositely.

Firestick won’t turn on

You can be free from this tension by just replacing the HDMI cable by updating the software, trying a new charging port, clearing the audio distance, and increasing your internet’s signal strength and speed.

The mentioned below, there is all information regarding it, and by following it, you can get the outstanding consequence.

Fix a new battery for remote

fix a new battery for remote

First, you have to check the battery of the remote of the firestick. For this, turn on the tv and press dissimilar buttons.

If no one works on this, then it means the battery becomes very low, so you have to change it immediately. If the issue is only in the remote, then it means that the firestick is working best.

Low internet speed

Firestick only works if the internet speed is fantastic. If it is not good, many issues come between your entertainment, so you should have the fastest internet if you want undistractable games.

To check whether the speed is low or not, you have to switch it OFF completely and, after some seconds again, restart the firestick.

And then, if it is working well, then it is better. If not, then contact your internet service provider and ask him to resolve this issue.

Examine the HDMI cable

Most of the time, the problem is not in the product, but the main trouble is with the HDMI cable because sometimes its grip is loose or the HDMI is in the worst order. So you should examine it, and the problem becomes solved.

Primarily, You need to turn the firestick first and the setup ON, then see the HDMI cable.

If it is not properly fixed in the port, then tighten it, and if it is old, you have to buy the original one and then try it. After this, firestick starts providing entertainment again.

Set it to low resolution

Occasionally, the firestick stops turning on because you adjust its resolution to a very high level. For this, first, you must adjust the resolution to a low level if you want to eliminate it.

For this, take the remote of the firestick and then depress the ‘UP’ and the ‘REWIND’ buttons at once.

You need to repeat this action almost 5 times, then you can adjust the resolution from high to low, and the problem will be solved.

Affix the power port

affix the power port

If the mess is in the power port or in the charging port, then the firestick stops storing the battery because of a defective power port. And charger does not transfer the power to the battery.

Sometimes in the port, if the metal plate touches the side surface, you can not connect the charger and store the battery in the firestick, so you have to fix this problem.

First of all, Take a knife or a plain tool, and then by applying some force, separate the metal plate from the side surface of the port, and then a gap will be created. Now you can charge the firestick fastly and effortlessly.

Compatibility defect

Firestick can not perform any action if you use the not-compatible remote. If you buy a genuine firestick but have an incompatible remote, it becomes difficult to turn on.

So use a new and the original remote to turn on the firestick. After using the genuine one, you can turn it On urgently and play games whenever you want.

If it does not perform any action too after this, you have to replace the remote’s battery and then try to use it.

Hard reset the fire tv

In most cases, if the firestick does not perform any tasks or does not turn ON, then the best troubleshooting is to hard reset the tv, not the firestick. Sometimes, the defect is in the fire TV set, so you should hard reset it.

First, if the tv is ON, then you should remove the power cable of the tv from the electric point and then also eject the firestick from the port.

After performing this, you have to depress and hold down the power button of your tv for 40 seconds and then attach the power cable to the electric point and the also firestick in its port; after switching it ON, it works perfectly again.

Cool down the power cord

After a long time of using the tv, the power cord becomes hot and stops working, so first turn off the tv and wait for almost 20 minutes. After this, the power cable will cool.

Now you can start it again and enjoy the entertainment.


Nobody feels good. When they face disturbance in the entertainment, they want to solve it urgently.

Still, they do not have much info regarding this, so now you can resolve it perfectly by just using the specific steps which are mentioned above and get impressive entertainment again.

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