Face id not working after screen replacement

Face id not working after screen replacement. Occasionally, the Replacement of the screen can not affect the face id. But it can happen because of the wrong settings.

So without opening the phone again, you can resolve much trouble regarding the face id. So first, get the accurate information and then apply it on your phone.

After research, I have come up with some compulsory solutions which will help you most regarding the face id problem after the screen replacement. So you only need to take a look below.

Face id not working after screen replacement

Before the replacement, if you see the face id working perfectly, but after screen replacement, it stops working, then it does not mean that it is a defect in the hardware.

You can start the face id again by applying some settings, which I am telling you in the below section of my article.

Trying with the soft reset

trying with the soft reset

After replacing the screen, if you see that the face id is not working, you have to reset your phone soft. It will save your data and protect you from data loss.

So first, you need to depress the up volume button and then apply the same step with the volume down, and then you just have to depress the power button. After this, it will reset softly.

Take out the old screen protector

When you use an old screen protector for a long time and do not change it with time, then it also creates difficulty for the face id.

Because in most models, the screen protectors cover the whole screen, including the face sensor, while the rough screen protector becomes covers the screen.

It makes it difficult for the sensor to recognize the face of the human being. So you should change the protector when you see it in rough condition.

Clean the dirt from the screen

Usually, the trouble is making by the dirt, but the user thinks it is because of screen replacement but in the real. Dirt on the screen can make many problems, or when the dirt covers the screen,

then the sensor can not recognize the face, so the face identity does not work properly. So you should take a clean cloth and then clean the whole screen. Do clean when you ever see dirt on the screen.

Examine the setting of face id

Most people think that the sensor becomes defaulted after screen replacement, but sometimes the problem is in the phone setting.

So go to the setting and find the face id option; after watching it, you have to check the settings. If you see any mistake, then set it. After this, the face id starts working properly.

Reset the face id from setting

Most of the time, it happens when the setting is disturbed, and you can not find it after spending more time. So if you want to save time, you have to reset the face id. It is the best method.

You need to go to the setting and then select the option of face id, and in the face id option, there is always a reset option, so you have to select it and follow the instruction. After this, it will reset, and now you can use the face id.

Update the phone software

update the phone software

If you use the older version of the software, it directly affects the face id. When face id creates a mess, so you can not use the face id option. Then you have to update the latest version of the software.

After updating to the latest version, it can adjust the setting of not only the face id and all of the remaining problems from your mobile.

So it is a piece of advice that whenever you see a new update, you should install it and not ignore it because ignoring it can make several troubles for you and your mobile.

By restoring the whole mobile setting

When no troubleshooting is working, you can troubleshoot the face id, which can restore the mobile completely. So for this, you need to restore the mobile by going to the setting option.

For this, you can find the option of restoring by scrolling down the list. Keep following the instructions which the mobile will show you. After this, all settings will restore.

Make sure you have selected the option of saving data. Because most models erase all the data after restoring, keep attentive before restoring.


Face id not working after screen replacement. When users replace the screen, and after this, when the face id stops working, they think that it happens because of a screen replacement, but it is a myth.

So you should not think so. First, you have to check the different mobile settings.

First, try all the settings which are mentioned above. I hope it will work if all of these can not work, then I am telling you that it is confirmed that the problem is in the hardware, and now is the time you should visit the official store or an expert technician.

Now I hope you can understand what you have to do first, and what is the best time for going to a technician’s store. So I hope you like to read it. Thank you so much for reading it completely.

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