Best video editing laptop under 500

Are you looking for the Best video editing laptop under 500? So, this is the right place for you.

Best laptop for video editing. Video editing is one of the necessities of our daily routine, and indeed, you need a laptop of good quality for this purpose.

Many laptops for video editing in the market can also be used as editors, but they are not as compatible and competent as you require.

If a laptop is empowered with an excellent graphic card, it can definitely be used for editing videos, but most of the time, such laptops are overpriced.

We have made an array of ultimate laptops for video editing at modest prices, which are according to our experts and their expertise.

Best video editing laptop under 500

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There are many features that are used fully to get the best result of video editing under 500.

Many best video editors’ laptops under 500 are available, which can give optimal results.

So stop the further talk, and let’s look at all the best video editing laptops under 500 and see which one is ideal for you.

1. ASUS Chromebook Flip C434

Best video editing laptop under 500

Asus’s Chromebook C434 is empowered with NanoEdge design, making it an ultra-compact Chromebook; 0.6 inches slim and 3 lbs.

Its 14-inch screen offers an excellent display at a tiny size.

It has a flexible and durable 360-degree hinge which lets you safely adopt any angle of your choice and gives you a lot of advantages due to its versatile manufacturing style.

You can adjust any mod and enjoy the perk of this touchscreen conversion.

This laptop for video editing comes with Chrome OS, an operating system offered by Google. It provides a bundle of features to make life easy, like automatic updates, quick boot, built-in virus protection, etc.

This 2-in-1 laptop is powered by a proficient dual-core Intel Core M3-8100Y Processor of 1. 1GHz and gives a quick and sharp performance.

Its 4GB LPDDR3 RAM is suitable for video editing, and its 64GB eMMC storage has the power to operate many tabs and applications simultaneously.


  • 14 inches hd display
  • Lightweight laptop
  • Good storage space
  • 4GB RAM
  • 360 Degree hinge


  • Bad customer service
  • Adapter issue

2. ASUS VivoBook F510QA Thin & Lightweight

ASUS VivoBook F510QA Thin & Lightweight

The Asus’s VivoBook F510QA is an excellent mixture of looks and functions. It is the supreme laptop for regular computing, amusement, and more of it is editing.

WideView technology of this 15.6″ full HD gives a stunning display that makes video editing easy, exceptional, and outclass.

Though VivoBook F510QA comes with a full-sized 15.6-inch display, and due to NanoEdge Bazel, it is very compact and can fit into a 14-inch laptop casing.

This laptop for video editing is lightweight and also has a sleek design with a slim body. It can help you to go everywhere with it without any effort.

It has complete connectivity features and a vast range of peripherals, projectors, and spectacles.

It’s HDMI; it efficiently transmits audio and videos, USB 3. 1 Type-C, USB 3.0, and USB 2. O; help in super connection without jamming, congestion, or meddling.

Its 8GB DDR4 RAM gives fast speed for compiling all shots of videos and giving sequence to raw shots. Its 256G SSD offers you to accomplish your work without any inconvenience.


  • 15.6 inches display
  • HDMI port
  • Storage space
  • Fingerprint reader
  • Window operating system


  • Noisy
  • Battery not good

3. HP 15.6″ Laptop PC AMD A6-7310

HP 15.6" Laptop PC AMD A6-7310

This HP laptop offers a big display screen, and its HDMI output enlarges your viewing options.

HP’s 15.6-inch laptop is just 0.9 inches thin and Weighs 4.74 lbs which are easy to carry all around.

4GB system memory makes video editing easy, and the multiple tasks simultaneously perform on it at the same time. This multi-tasking laptop lets you open different tabs and perform your tasks promptly.

It supports Windows 10, which is full of fun and updated features. It provides many securities to its users. This window gives more creativity and entertainment than the previous window.

This laptop for video editing 500GB hard drive helps you in video editing. It gives you vast storage for your clips, images, and videos.

It supports an SD memory card and wireless network connection, which helps you to transfer the pictures quickly.


  • 15.6 hd screen
  • 4GB System ram
  • 500GB Hard drive
  • USB and HDMI Ports
  • Sleek Design


  • Not good support
  • Issues with firefox

4. Acer Aspire 5 Slim Laptop, 15.6 inches

acer aspire 5 slim laptop, 15.6 inches 

Acer Aspire 5 is the best laptop for video editing because it has an hd display of 15.6 inches. You can see the clear and sharp result for video editing purposes. The aspect ratio of the display is 16:9.

It has a backlit keyboard that provides comfort during typing, and the output result for editing is the best. For editing purposes, the backlit keyboard is very useful.

It has 128GB of storage space which is enough for saving different files and many videos. It is a perfect video editing laptop.

A dual processor is installed in it, AMD Ryzen 3 3200U. It is the best procedure and gives an optimal performance during the editing without any disturbance.

Windows 10 operating system is installed in it, which is used in most devices in the whole world.

This laptop for video editing is a long battery life that helps you for the best results. It provides more life for long tasks.

Video editing requires the best graphics card. It has a Radeon graphics card which has the ability of the best and most stunning visuals.

It has 4GB of random access memory, which help perform tasks very amazingly and without interruption.

It is a decent and affordable laptop. It is an ideal laptop for a video editing experience.


  • 15.6 HD display
  • Radeon graphics cards
  • Long battery life
  • 4GB Ram
  • Backlit keyboard


  • Loud Fan

5. Lenovo IdeaPad 3 Laptop, 15.6″ FHD Display

lenovo ideapad 3 laptop, 15.6 fhd display

Lenovo IdeaPad 3 comes with 15.6 inches big and full hd screen. Its screen is touch, and you can use the touchpad for editing purposes. It is very good to watch movies and other video stuff.

It has a backlit keyboard which is very soft and simple to use. Its keyboard is fully numerical, which benefits you from entering every word you want.

It has a decent processor of 11th Gen Intel Core i3 which is dual-core and gives an extraordinary CPU performance.

It has hd webcam which is of good quality. It is useful for meetings and conversations with clients and gives the best experiences to both users and clients.

This laptop for video editing has 256 SSD storage which is best for storing millions of data like videos, photos, documents, etc.

It comes with the pre-installed windows 11 home, which is easy and simple to use for everyone. Its processing power is best.

It has an integrated intel uhd graphics card, which is a capable laptop for non-stoppable and decent performance. This laptop has been built with strong quality, and the design is also very sleek.

It has an intel core i3 processor, which is decent for video editing. You can use it freely without any disturbance.

It has a solid type battery life which gives almost a full day battery life and can wind up your all take in less time. It is a decent video editing laptop for beginners and for advanced-level users. Best video editing laptop under 500.


  • 15.6 Inches display
  • Integrated graphics card
  • Intel core i3
  • Good battery life
  • 256GB of Storage space
  • Solid video editing laptop


  • Small power adapter
  • Bad premium service

6. Dell Inspiron 15 15.6″ HD High Performance

dell inspiron 15 15.6 hd high performance

Dell Inspiron 15 is a decent laptop with a screen of 15.6 inches and also has an hd resolution. It is best for sharp and quick video processing. It is not for only a few gigs. It is also best for all types of video editing tasks in daily life.

It is a good laptop for processing because it has an intel core i3 processor, which has enough to perform all the tasks quickly and efficiently.

It depends upon the dedicated graphics card of intel UHD graphics. It can perform all demanding tasks. It has a backlit keyboard, which is very best for typing texts and all numerals text and symbols.

It has 128GB SSD storage which you can store all types of documents, videos, and images. It has enough power to store many large files easily.

Dell Inspiron 15 has 4GB Ram, which is best for dual tasking, getting the best results, and feeling satisfied.

This laptop for video editing has an HDMI port which is best for connecting the laptop to the big screen and completing the video editing tasks perfectly and on a wide display.

It has a windows operating system. You can download video editing under 500 software using the Microsoft store, and you need no type of permission. It comes in the category of the most affordable laptop for video editing.


  • 126GB SSD Storage
  • Intel uhd graphics
  • Handle video editing
  • Intel core i3
  • Best processing power


  • Not good internet chip
  • Badd delivery

7. SAMSUNG Galaxy Chromebook 4 11.6-inch

samsung galaxy chromebook 4 11.6 inch

11.6 inches Samsung galaxy Chromebook 4 is perfect with its colorful and bright display. It can fulfill all the requirements of the video editing process with video editing apps.

It has a good battery life which enables you to work a long time and complete all your tasks. It has a 64GB solid-state drive which is a stripped-down version, but it gives you enough space for storage.

It has a full numeric keyboard which helps to enter all text, including symbols. You can attach a wireless mouse using Bluetooth and experience the best.

It is unique processing power. It has an intel Celeron N3450 processor, which can quickly perform tasks without interaction.

After using this, you have no need for any convertible laptop because it is light weighted and attractive design body, so you can go everywhere and perform all tasks.

Its 4GB Ram has the best processing power for performing dual tasks like viewing the content with the use of video editing under 500 apps.

It works on the chrome operating system, and you can download all google store apps for video editing without any permission. It is a plus point of this chrome os.

It has a long time duration battery life, which can help you do tasks more quickly. It is a budget laptop and came under the list of top best budget laptops for video editing.


  • Full numeric keyboard
  • Solid battery life
  • Intel core
  • Enough SSD storage
  • Budget laptop


  • Warranty issue
  • Technical support issue

8. HP Stream 14-inch Laptop, Intel Celeron N4000

hp stream 14 inch laptop, intel celeron n4000

There are many worlds knowing products of HP available in the market, but in the industry of video editing, the hp stream 14 inches is the best video editing laptop.

It has high definition view screen, and the quality of the display is outstanding.

Its keyboard is made very best and has soft keys, which are excellent for video editing for under 500 purposes. It has a Celeron N processor, having a speed of 1.1 GHz, which helps the user do its tasks perfectly without freezing.

A 4GB ddr4 ram is installed in it, which is helpful for multitasking and for better performance. It has a hd display graphics card which helps for the best video editing under 500 results.

Its weight is very light and has a sleek design which is attractive and looks good on the hands. It is knowns in the list of best laptops for video editing.


  • 14 inches screen
  • Soft keys
  • Celeron processor
  • 4GB Ram
  • Lightweight


  • Wifi issue
  • Low SSD memory

9. Hyundai | 14″ Inch Laptop | High Performance

hyundai 14 inch laptop high performance

It has a unique IPS display size of 14.1 inches. The color and the sharpness of this display are perfect and give an enjoyable experience to the users that a user has not enjoyed before.

It is compatible with all video editing software. You can use all apps and get amazing results. Its keyboard is enough for all kinds of text and symbols which is used in video editing under 500.

It is a 128GB solid-state drive. You can save more and more data, including all types of files, large and small. If the resolution of the video is high, then its memory size is also high, so it demands more memory in the drive to store.

Its Intel processor gives better performance as compared to amd processor, which is a unique feature and good for video editing. Its 8GB Ram is very impressive to perform and is excellent at multitasking without any issues.

It comes with a reasonable price tag.


  • 14.1 inches screen
  • Intel processor
  • Sleek design
  • Best laptops for video editing
  • Intel hd graphics card


  • Bad touchpad
  • HDMI port issue

10. Lenovo Flex 5i 13 Chromebook 2-in-1 Laptop

best video editing laptop under 500

The large screen with high-resolution Lenovo flex i5 13.3 inches has its own recognization; it is an ideal laptop for editing and fulfills all requirements.

It has 8GB of random access memory and amazing performing ram that can easily suit all levels of video editors. It is best at this price.

It has an intel core i3 process which has no more power, but it has enough power for normal tasks. It is maybe good for beginners. Its speed is best compared to amd processors.

It has hd webcam, which is perfect for video calling and meetings with your clients, and if you are a businessman, then it is best for conversation with video to your employee in hd mode.

An ultra-high definition built-in graphics card is placed in it. Its performance is the best, and the result of videos that are edited by you are the most precious and best viewing.

It is two on one laptop. You can use it in laptop and tablet mode, and it rotates at a 360-degree angle which helps you.

It has Bluetooth, which is best for transferring data fastly, and a USB port is also in it. By using a flash USB, you can save data and also transfer data from the USB to the laptop.


  • 13.4 inches screen
  • 8GB Ram
  • Full sized keyboard
  • 2-in-1 laptop
  • UHD graphics card


  • No backlight
  • Not support MS work


Buying Guide (Best video editing laptop under 500)

Some point is compulsory before buying it can help you select the best one.

  • Manufacturer

First, you should select the best brand and product because it gives long life to laptops for video editing and desktops. The quality of the best brand and its product should be very strong and of first class, giving you the best experience.

  • Display

The HD display is very important, so 720p,1080p, and 4K pixels display gives you amazing results and helps you get crystal clear video during photo editing.

The resolution should be 1920px1080p because it is a good resolution and give you a full and wide display.

Make sure you are buying a big screen because it can help you see small fonts clearly. The screen size should be 12 inches,14 inches, or 15 inches.

  • Keyboard

In video editing, the keyboard performs a vital role because for editing purposes keyboard is used the most.

So the quality of the keyboard should be better, and the key is also soft. Try to buy the backlit keyboard because it is best for editing, and you feel comfortable.

  • Graphics card

Graphics cards matter more because if the quality of the card is good, then you enjoy the non-stoppable performance and get the best results. If the card is low quality, it performs badly and gives low-quality results, making you sad.

  • Processor

For editing, if you want extraordinary performance, you should have the best and fast processor on your device. Intel core processors are best-performing and can complete tasks quickly. It saves time for the user.

  • Ram

It is important how much ram is in it because Editing requires a good ram for performing dual tasks; if you want the best performance, then have the best ram, like 4GB,5GB, and 8GB required. When you increase it, the performance will also become better for dual tasking.

  • Audio

When you edit a video with sound, speakers of good quality must be installed. You should have the best speaker laptop for that. Dual Stereo speakers are ideal for editing purposes.

  • Ports

Ports are essential for data transfer, and laptops for video editing should also have Bluetooth. You can transfer data for editing using these two options.

Make sure it also has an HDMI port. With the help of an HDMI cable, you can easily attach the laptop screen to a big LED screen which helps you with the best editing.


Best video editing laptop under 500. For editing purposes, it is very hard to choose the best, and without knowing, it is totally impossible. So before buying you should have knowledge.

You do not need to worry if you are busy and don’t have enough time for research. In this article, there is a complete discussion of video editing laptops under 500.

After reading this, I hope very best that you become able to buy the best one and enjoy it more and more

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