Beatsx won’t turn on

Beatsx won’t turn on. BeatsX is a wireless earphone. This is very useful for long-time calls and also best while driving. Its structure is according to the human neck and easily adjusts without effort.

It is not only for calling, but you can relish the music by using it too, which can make your mood fresh in all situations.

Usually, it is a fantastic gadget. But sometimes many problems arise in it. For example, the common problem is that it often stops turning on.

Not only for one reason, but it also stops turning on for any more reasons. But in reality, it has many small problems which make this problem. So no need to worry about this. I am explaining to you all reasons and the solution.

Beatsx won’t turn on

By updating, resetting the settings, examining the wire of beats, charging it, and by substantially more procedures. You can apply all of the troubleshooting without any more hard work.

So, If you want an immediate solution, follow the procedure with full concentration and get the results quickly and then continue your enjoyment again.

Ended battery power

ended battery power

Wireless gadget work on battery power. So, if you do not charge it, then it can not start working. So, first of all, you have to examine the battery power.

If you see it not turning on, then it means that the charging level is down.

  • Solution

First, you have to take a charger, attach it with the beatsx wireless earphone, and then leave it in the charging position until it stores battery power completely.

Then disconnect it and also try to turn the beatsx on. It will start turning on, and now you will enjoy the songs again.

Sometimes you put in on charging, but if the charging wire is not adjusted properly, then it can not provide the power to the earphone, and then it stops turning on.

In another case, if any baby in the house touches it, then it can be disconnected, so charge it from the children’s reach because it is also a reason if it stops charging or not turning on.

By resetting the beatsX

Every gadget has its own setting, and when it becomes wrong, it creates problems. And most of the time, beatsx stop turning on, then it means the setting is not accurate now.

So if you can not examine what setting is wrong, then you should reset all settings by the simple and rapid procedure.

  • Solution

You must depress and hold the power button and volume down button concurrently, and then you should press both for at least 10 seconds. After this, You should release both buttons when you see the light blinking on the beatsx.

Now it’s time to connect the earphone to your mobile, so take the beatsx near your phone and press the power button twice. It will attach to the phone easily.

Note that this reset procedure is not only for turning ON earphone problems, but you can apply this procedure if you ever see any setting problems in your wireless beatsx earphone. So it works in every situation and gets you far from frustration.

Inspect the cable defect

inspect the cable defect

The beatsx earphone has a very sensitive wire, and it breaks easily with miss use. So most of the time, the user gets this in the pocket, so the cable of the beatsx crumple in it, so it becomes damaged or loose.

So first, you have to inspect the whole cable from start to end, and then repair is not the right idea if you see any damage.

My opinion is to buy a  new one because it gives you tremendous results an as compared to the previous one. And next time you should take more care of the beatsx if you never want to see this problem again.

Updating the apple iOS version

Occasionally, You use it with an android phone, and it works properly, so when you attach it to the apple phone, it stops turning on or stops functioning, and you see the charging is full; wire seems best, all of which are given above.

Then you should check the iOS version of your apple phone.

If you examine that it has an old version installed in it and also see that a new updated version is available, you should install the up-to-date version on your apple phone.

After updating, it definitely worked, and it started turning on as usual.


In the end, I want to tell you that the bestsx is not low-quality earphones. It gives you a tremendous sound experience.

But sometimes the problem creates in it, and the common is ‘turning on the problem. So, you can get a solution by using the mentioned above procedures.

So I hope that all the procedures help you in this situation, and if you find them all helpful, then you should share them with people who are still in the same trouble.

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